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Author Topic: Introductions  (Read 7907 times)
Chris Goodwin
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« Reply #30 on: July 01, 2008, 11:15:34 am »

An intro thread!

Greetings all.  I'm Chris Goodwin, and am a frequent poster at the Hero Games boards, an infrequent poster at, an occasional poster at, and have just gotten bitten by the retro clone bug.

My first exposure to roleplaying games was in 4th grade in 1979 or 1980 (9 or 10 years old). I was at the public library and saw a group of older guys sitting around a table (some of whom I would later game with). They had a few miniatures and some oddly shaped things it took me a while to recognize were dice, and they seemed to be playing some sort of game except there was no board and they were talking about what they were doing, and only occasionally moving their miniatures around. I was fascinated though completely baffled.

The following year a friend of mine and I were talking at school about this game Dungeons and Dragons, that I'd heard of and only then connected to what I'd seen the previous year. I wouldn't get into it until that summer ('81) when another friend introduced me with the AD&D hardcovers. I asked my parents for D&D and they got me the boxed (b/x) Basic Set. I was playing a mix of the two until, as time passed, we acquired the three hardbacks for ourselves. From there it was Gamma World, Star Frontiers, Marvel Superheroes, Top Secret (via the same friend who introduce me to D&D as well as my younger brother), the BECMI D&D sets, Villains and Vigilantes. I'd also gotten into Car Wars by this time, and had picked up Autoduel Champions (early '85) primarily for the helicopters rules.

Neither the Car Wars superheroes rules nor the Champions autoduelling rules were lost on me, though, and summer of '85 I bought the 3rd edition Champions book and convinced a friend (SuentisPo, if anyone hangs around the M&M forums) to show me the game. Almost simultaneously I discovered a gaming club whose game of choice was Champions. That got me into the other Hero games (Danger International, Fantasy Hero, Robot Warriors... I didn't pick up Justice Inc. until several years later and missed out on Espionage). I also got into TMNT around the same time, later Toon, GURPS, and the Ghostbusters RPG shortly afterward, and Amber Diceless when it came along.  My most recent acquisitions include BESM (2nd edition), Buffy Unisystem, Dogs in the Vineyard, Savage Worlds (all unplayed), and Primetime Adventures and Beast Hunters. 

Of the whole mess, I've played the D&Ds multiple times (basic, AD&D1 and 2); once or twice each of Top Secret, Gamma World, Star Frontiers, Marvel Superheroes, Toon, V&V, Ghostbusters, and Fudge (with Steffan O'Sullivan as GM!); TFT a few times; lots of GURPS and Amber; and lots and lots of Car Wars and Champions/Hero System.  Lately I've also gotten into indie RPGs hard.  A

fter a long dry spell of actual gaming I've lately gotten to play Fantasy Hero and red box D&D....which has led me down the path of retro clones.  Several years ago I hit on the idea of trying to retro clone (though no one called it that at the time...) a small fantasy combat board and roleplaying system (*ahem*) originally designed by Steve Jackson, but never actually did anything with it until now; seeing Labyrinth Lord, Mutant Future, and the others has inspired me greatly. 

Edit:  Oh yeah, as soon as West End Games gets around to freeing up their d6 System I plan on taking a run at the Ghostbusters RPG as well. 
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