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Title: RPG MarketPlace
Post by: randalls on March 25, 2008, 05:15:48 pm
Doug Rhea has opened RPG Marketplace ( as a auction/sales site for tabletop RPGs and accessories. As its software is much better than that of SMF Classifieds and listings are free there, I'm going to shut the as yet unused Classified section down here. There's no sense in have two free listing sites, so I'm supporting the better one. LOL.

I'll be listing many of my less likely to sell on eBay items there as time permits. Hopefully, once the site gets some traction I will be holding auctions there instead of on eBay as well. eBay is charging too much and really trying to get rid of the little guy. Being an online garage sale site got them started, but they now want to lose that image and be a site that attracts large businesses. Humbug, I say.