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1  Our Game Systems / Microlite74 / Re: Microlite74 2.0? on: October 17, 2008, 08:03:44 pm
Perhaps a list without prices or maybe something like Ive seen in other rulesets that have packages of equipment.
2  Retro Game Systems / Retro Fantasy: TSR Dungeons & Dragons / Re: Original D&D: What Classes & Rules Would You Use? on: September 22, 2008, 10:33:00 am
I would think spells are the easiest things to add to LBB D&D, provided you keep the powerlevel the same, as in restricting them. For me the worst offenders are a non issue as I plan on capping the levels at about 10 and I beleive that restricts the spells enough that I need only worry about whether the spells fit in.

Actually my biggest complaint with LBB so far is how clumsy the charts for combat are - and thats more an editing issue then anything, though I think Im going to just simplify them down to Thac0 progressions instead.
3  Retro Game Systems / Retro Fantasy: TSR Dungeons & Dragons / Re: Original D&D: What Classes & Rules Would You Use? on: September 17, 2008, 08:55:40 am
Anyone have suggestions on handling a newbie play I know will want to be a ninja or a thief? I'm planning on running a Little Brown Book game that may grow into a campaign and Im just not familiar enough with the LBB and the supplements to have a good feel for this. I'm leaning towards asking what method he wants to use to steal or be sneaky and then nudge him towards that class (if its purely due to being sneaky he'd be a fighting man, magic makes him a magic user, the help of a god or power makes him a cleric).
4  General / Roleplaying Games: The Meta-Discussions / Re: What's Wrong With Not Liking Current RPGs? on: September 03, 2008, 08:04:39 pm
Well the same argument applies to saying a combat is detailed or time consuming - I enjoy Battletech so 4e isnt detailed or time consuming but rather stale so far. OD&D atleast has the potential to be much more open ended in combat, as the players seem less limited.

Just for the record intuitive to me means something that a new RPGer will pick up without alot of explanation. For example the classic to me is Thac0 vs ascending attack bonus.
5  Retro Game Systems / Retro Science Fiction and Horror RPGs / Re: Help picking out a sci-fi/horror game on: September 02, 2008, 03:20:56 pm
Another option for the original request is the DarkMatter setting, Id lean towards the Alternity version even if its just a sourcebook for the game. If the girl in question enjoyed the X-Files at all DarkMatter is perfect.

Another option for systems is new World of Darkness or Witchcraft or All Flesh Must Be Eaten. nWoD is a much improved ruleset that can be used on its own without the trimmings of vampires and werewolves. Witchcraft is available as a free lesser quality pdf, you lose the art mostly, which is kinda like WoD but much less angsty. All Flesh is, if you tone down or strip out the zombie material, a very clean little modern game that you can import elements and material from d20 pretty easily while not being d20 itself.
6  General / Roleplaying Games: The Meta-Discussions / Re: What's Wrong With Not Liking Current RPGs? on: September 02, 2008, 11:30:36 am
Sorry about Necroing this thread but I want to trot out my spin on this line of reasoning.

I dont think there is anything wrong with not liking current RPGs, provided you actually give the rules a read through. If you instantly shoot down a game because its from after 1989 your being as bad as the people who insist that you play the "one true RPG".

Some new games have design concepts that I think are either much more intuitive or just simply better then old ones, but that doesnt mean the game itself is better. I'm currently DMing a D&D4 campaign and Im finding that while some parts of the rules are neat and have alot of potential I really miss the open framework or something like D&D Basic - but thats partially due to my style of GMing too. I dont know 4e as intimately as I am beginning to believe I need to, as it has as many quirks and issues as the old chart heavy games like Rolemaster. On the other hand my campaign of Dark Heresy flows much much smooter (partly because of some good players) because the mentality that the game is written in. Much like Classic Battletech and the good parts of 2nd ed. AD&D there are tons of optional rules I can use as a tool kit, in addition to a relatively intuitive ruleset. Its actually fairly easy to run a session with nothing but scratch paper, the GMs screen for some stats and a couple handfuls of d100s, which is hard to believe given how many percentile charts are hidden away in the core book.

Im definately shifting towards the D&D Rules Cyclopedia or Microlite74 in my D&D ideas but with elements of 4e and others spliced in (ascending ac and to hit works better for many players in my experience and the concept of bloodied and healing surges intrigue me)
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