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1  General / Roleplaying Games: The Meta-Discussions / Re: What's Wrong With Not Liking Current RPGs? on: May 11, 2008, 11:21:42 am
Quote from: randalls
This is one of the reasons I really think simulacrum games need to be published with the aim of attracting new players, not just being a set of rules publishers can use to publish material for older editions of D&D under the legal cover of the OGL. Most of the people playing older editions now probably don't need enough new professionally published material to make publishing such material a truly profitable activity.

There is the belief that "no new products" = "dead game" = difficulty in getting new people to play it. So then, "new products" = "living system" = grow the player base... just by virtue of new products existing.

I don't think it's that easy... but it certainly doesn't hurt.
2  General / Roleplaying Games: The Meta-Discussions / Re: What's Wrong With Not Liking Current RPGs? on: May 10, 2008, 03:51:30 am
Quote from: randalls
not buying current books which hurts the profits of WOTC and Hasbro making it less likely that they will continue to publish D&D materials.

Sounds good to me. Smiley I dare say that if there was no "current" edition, it would be easier for us to find players willing to play previous editions.

Quote from: randalls
fragmenting the hobby. When everyone plays the same edition and plays it by all the books, it makes it easier for players to find games. The more people refuse to upgrade to the latest version every few years, the more fragmented the hobby becomes and the harder it is to find players.

I agree. Fragmenting the hobby is horrible. The problem is, I think everyone should play my favorite version (Basic Fantasy, right now). Why should Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro decide what my Dungeons and Dragons rules will be?

But "finding players" is the sign of someone who isn't trying. Nobody in my gaming group here in Vaasa ever played the games or editions I've run before I came along. (hmm, it probably is more of an issue if you're a player looking for a group... if you're running the games, you get to dictate what's being played... Tongue)

Quote from: randalls
What do you think? Are we fans of older versions of D&D hurting the hobby by our refusal to fall in love with, buy, and play the current edition of D&D?

We are the hobby. We follow (and embrace) the history of role-playing, we are not swayed by current marketing and trends, and we tend to create and share our own stuff amongst each other. We connect yesterday and today. Get rid of us, and this hobby floats in space, not connected to anything, and it becomes susceptible to death if the current producers make bad business decisions.
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