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Title: Special Rules: WOTC D&D Editions Board
Post by: randalls on February 23, 2008, 10:56:29 am
Many Message boards devoted to older RPGs seem to have banned discussions of their modern (distant) cousins because there are already many boards devoted to WOTC editions and because discussions of later/modern edition of D&D and similar games on a board primarily devoted to older RPGs tend to turn into "edition war" flamefests.

We are not going to do this for two reasons. First, one of the prime focuses of this message board is getting players and gamemasters interested in older RPGs, and that is going to involve discussing the differences between Fourth edition D&D and older games. Second, while many players of older games refuse to look at anything heavily WOTC-influenced, there are occasional interesting ideas in D&D 4 that could be streamlined and "backported" to older RPGs to good effect -- at least for some types of campaigns.

Therefore discussion of 4th Edition D&D is allowed on this board subject to the following special rules in addition to the message board's standard rules:

1) No "edition wars" flaming. If you can't calmly discuss differences between editions, why you like or don't like the latest edition of D&D, etc. without making personal attacks, flaming, or otherwise being rude and annoying, just don't post on this board. (The idea of playing an RPG is to have fun, after all, and fun can be had with any RPG if the players and GM like the system they are using.)

2) Excessive proselytizing of Fourth Edition D&D edition will often be treated as trolling. This forum is not the place to convert the masses to the latest edition. The world will not end if some players refuse to adopt it.